wheatSoil carbon sequestration is a win-win strategy. It mitigates climate change by offsetting anthropogenic emissions; improves the environment, especially the quality of natural waters; enhances soil quality; improves agronomic productivity; and advances food security. It is the low-hanging fruit and a bridge to the future, until carbon-neutral fuel sources and low-carbon economy take effect

field“Agriculture is recognized as a sector with such potential and farmers, ranchers, herders and other land users around the world can and should be part of the solution to climate change.”

  • HANDThe full mitigation potential of agriculture was not considered during the negotiations for the Kyoto Protocol because of scientific uncertainty at the time. Yet since then, science has caught up, and monitoring the CO2 sequestration into soils can be monitored with much greater accuracy


Bio-Agriculture Limited

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Bio-agriculture Limited is a not for profit company created as a response to the challenges of:
• Climate change
• Land degradation
• Food and water shortages
• Health issues related to pollution of water and food.
• Rural and Regional Renewal

We have been carrying out research and many practical projects in the field of bio-agriculture for over 30 years.
Bio-agriculture Limited works in association with The Organic Federation of Australia and Biodynamics 2024 Pty Ltd


Bio-Agriculture Limited Soil Carbon Sequestration Project - is our current R&D project which has been approved by the Federal Government through the Foundation for Rural and Regional Development (FRRR) As a result any supporter of this project will recieve full tax-detuctibility for their donations. SEE DONATION PAGE


Our Environmental Research and Development Work - Past and Present

Our research and development work started in 1979, when we developed a method of controlling the atmosphere of air and CO2 for transportation of grain. This groundbreaking method resulted in Australia being able to export biodynamically grown wheat all over the world, without the need for insecticides. 1

With the collaboration of CSIRO and Helios Enterprises,* the success of this research and its following commercial application, opened many new export markets for Australia. These were previously closed, due to the high pesticide residue levels in Australian wheat exports through the use of methyl bromide and other insecticides.

To keep this beneficial process openly available we allowed it to become ‘common knowledge’ and be used without patent rights.

Our latest work is the bringing together of important research findings, that will have a significant impact in the fight against global warming and its associated problems. The work also incorporates significant solutions for land rehabilitation and water savings.

The three contributors are currently involved in the following enterprises:

Erwin Berney CEO of Bio-Agriculture Ltd. A not for profit organisation for International Research and Development.

Dr. Jonathan Banks CEO of Grainsmith Pty Ltd, previously co-chair of the UNEP’s Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee and instrumental in facilitating global agreements in phasing out the use of methyl bromide.

Hamish Mackay Director/Treasurer of the Organic Federation of Australia (OFA) The Peak Body for the Organic and Biodynamic sector in Australia A not for profit association. Executive Director of Biodynamics 2024 Pty Ltd


This research presents analysis, solutions and implementation outlines on how Australia and the world can be carbon neutral by 2061.


Compiled and presented by Erwin Berney, in collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Banks and Hamish Mackay


Interactive Climate Change Calculator developed in collaboration with Don Carlill.

*Helios Enterprises Ltd was Australia’s first biodynamic and organic food production and distribution company. A not for profit organisation.
1CSIRO Division of Entomology Report No. 15 (H.J. Banks and A.K. Sharp)